About Techscursion

Techscursion is an archive of articles and links on programming. It’s also a manufactured excuse to attempt go ultra-minimal on style. It’s also a place where I plan to push myself to vote launch early, launch often, go all MVP and actually just write shit.

After failing several times, I’ve also decided to link to other interesting programming-related stuff around the internet, hopefully that will make me a bit more active, and trick me into actually writing stuff too.

Techscursion is written by me, Bodhi. I’m a software developer working mostly in the echo-chamber of web application development. I work for The Plant, have a neglected… er… creative outlet over at Keshiki - which has been offline since the TextDrive/Joyent PR disaster – and I tweet (@bodhi) but not very often.

Techscursion is, obviously, a portmanteau, obviously, of technology and excursion. Imagine me here imitating the Martians on Sesame Street.